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  • WhatInStartup 1.33

    WhatInStartup 1.33

  • Jarte 4.4

    Jarte 4.4

    Jarte may be your answer. It's a free word processor based on Microsoft WordPad's word processing engine. It's extremely fast and easy to use. In a way it acts more like WordPad on steroids, adding tons of useful features to the basic word processor. It's very portable - it can fit on a USB stick - and yet it can open any document compatible with Word and WordPad.

  • Nexus Radio 5.4

    Nexus Radio 5.4

    Despite the great selection of radio stations and extensive options, Nexus Radio has a few issues that make listening slightly less comfortable than it could be. Adding favorites is not very intuitive, something that complicates the playing of results found via the search. In addition to this, many of the additional features must be managed via the Nexus Radio webpage, which doesn't make the experience entirely self-contained.

  • AMP WinOFF 5.01

    AMP WinOFF 5.01

    This is an utility designed to shut down Windows computers automatically, with several working methods that are fully configurable. Some of its features are: Shut down the computer at a certain hour (e.g. at 12:00) Shut down the computer in several minutes (e.g. in 15 minutes) Shut down the computer when the CPU becomes idle Several types of shut down (shut down, restart, log off, power off, suspend, hibernate and lock computer)

  • Burn4Free


    Burn4Free also allows you to burn ISO files, and has decent configuration settings. The interface can be a little overwhelming at times, but a bit of messing around with the View options should make it a less confusing. There is also an auto-shutdown feature - perfect for time consuming processes like burning discs.

  • Barricade 4.0.0

    Barricade 4.0.0

    Barricade also requires a certain amount of luck but the great thing is that even if you look dead and buried on the board, one of your pawns can tip the game back in your favor. There aren't many options but you can customize the colors you use and select from a different number of boards.

  • Graph 4.3

    Graph 4.3

    Graph is an open source application used to draw mathematical graphs in a coordinate system. Anyone who wants to draw graphs of functions will find this program useful.

  • VertrigoServ 2.22

    VertrigoServ 2.22

    VertrigoServ was developed to make available a highly professional and easily installable package of Apache (HTTP web server), PHP (reflective programming language), MySQL (multithreaded, multi-user, SQL Database Management System), SQLite (ACID-compliant relational database management system), SQLiteManager (multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database), PhpMyAdmin (tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL).

  • TheFreeDictionary Desktop Assistant

    TheFreeDictionary Desktop Assistant

    Desktop Assistant is a convenient software application that enables you to access The Free Dictionary's definitions and encyclopedia entries by selecting a word or phrase with one click. All you need to do is click on the program's icon in your system tray, enter the keywords for your search and a browser window will be automatically opened with the answers for your query.

  • Paper Label Maker 1.16

    Paper Label Maker 1.16

    Paper-Label-maker is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, software and product labels.

  • AuctionSieve 2.5.6

    AuctionSieve 2.5.6

    AuctionSieve is ideal for collectors of a particular item or topic that needs to get past all the small worthless items and target items of major value.

  • UltimateDefrag


    UltimateDefrag is a surprisingly fast defragmentation tool with a very intuitive interface and really interesting features. The program displays the structure of your hard drive as a circle that you can zoom in and out, and uses a customizable color code to represent the different status of your files: fragmented, compressed, free space, etc.

  • Orbiter


    Orbiter is a slick game that takes up less storage space than many games in the category PC games. It's a game often downloaded in India, United Kingdom, and United States.

  • UrlSnooper 2.28.01

    UrlSnooper 2.28.01

    URL Snooper provides easy solution to finding the URLs for all streams by by watching network traffic and identifying potential urls, especially streaming media urls.

  • MSN Messenger Password 2.0.384

    MSN Messenger Password 2.0.384

    MSN Messenger Password is a password recovery tool (although not a password cracker) that is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your MSN messenger accounts.

  • ideo DVD Maker Free

    ideo DVD Maker Free

    Video DVD Maker allows you to get high quality outputs, even if you don't know the subtleties of recording technology. The intuitive interface leads you through a comprehensive set of logical steps to capture and output DVDs.

  • PSPad


    PSPad editor is freeware programmer editor, designed to help you work within a variety of different programming platforms and build better applications both online and offline. The powerful program combines a series of top features with slick productivity.

  • Secret Disk 1.35

    Secret Disk 1.35

    When you install Secret Disk, you have to set a password (which you mustn't forget). This will create a 'drive' with a letter like Z. When you open Secret Disk, enter the correct password to open the drive folder. You can store whatever you like in here, as long as you have space on your hard drive! Close and lock the folder, and it will disappear from Windows.

  • WengoPhone 2.2

    WengoPhone 2.2

    WengoPhone allows you to make VoIP calls all over the world, PC to PC, for free. This communication tools allows you to also send instant messages and arrange video calls. The directory is useful to store all your contacts. If you want to call a landline, you can take advantage of the extremely low communications costs offered by Wengo.

  • Deluge 1.3.3

    Deluge 1.3.3

    Deluge is a popular Linux BitTorrent client that has now been ported to Windows while keeping its ease of use and excellent transfer speed, the two main features that have contributed to its success.

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